Congratulations to our Coloring Contest Winners!

April 27, 2011



The votes are in and the verdict has been announced! Due to our overwhelming number of entries this time we decided to honor our second and third place runner ups in addition to our first place winners. Runner ups will get to dive into our treasure chest and our first place winners will receive a FREE dippin dots and Waterworks T-Shirt!

 Drum roll please….and the winners are

Age 3-4yrs:

1st: Louisa Bravo Bonzid

2nd: Dani Vera

3rd: Katherine Tung

 Age 5yrs:

1st: Nicole McMillan

2nd: Ananay Gupta

3rd: Sydney Paidosh

 Age 6yrs:

1st: Grace Jin

2nd: Ava Shaw

3rd: Charlize Choo

 Age 7-8yrs:

1st: Colin Chuang

2nd: Riya Gupta

3rd: Lia Cui

 Age 9yrs and older:

1st Aanya Jain

2nd: Kristin Pham

3rd: Laura Johnstone


Calling all Girl Scouts!

April 7, 2011

Waterworks Aquatics is looking forward to hosting a Swimming Activity Badge for Junior Girl Scouts next Saturday April 16th from 12pm-2pm.  Girls will learn how to address emergency water situations, the proper steps toward identifying a safe place to swim, and work on the correct swimming technique of 3 competitive strokes. Participants should bring sun protection, swimming suit, goggles, towel, snack and water.  Girls do not need to come with their troop in order to participate!

 To register or for more information, please call us at 949-450-0777. To read more about this program click on

Our New Years Raffle Winners Have Been Announced!

April 4, 2011

 Drum roll please….Congratulations to:

  • Teresa Ha-won Grand Prize of 8 FREE Parent and Me Lessons
  • Lisa Saito-won 4 FREE Semi-Private Lessons
  • Lisa Sipiora-won 4 FREE Semi-Private Lessons
  • Lyndsey Aldridge-won 2 FREE Private Lessons
  • Annie Sun-won 2 FREE Semi-Private Lessons
  • Katy Kiso- won 2 FREE Semi-Private Lessons
  • Vanessa Tam- won 2 FREE Semi-Private Lessons
  • Nicole Han- won 2 FREE Semi-Private Lessons
  • Megan Woods- won 2 FREE Semi-Private Lessons

A Chance for your Little to Swimmer to Express their Creative Side-Turbo Coloring Contest!

April 1, 2011


Every time we hold a coloring contest we are always amazed by the tremendous creativity that the kids apply towards their entries. We get everything from word bubbles and colorful backgrounds, to glitter and 3-D pop outs! We think it is important to hold these coloring contests periodically throughout the year to give our little swimmers the opportunity to work their minds as well as their bodies. It is also a fun way for children to be able to express their individuality in a way that they can’t when learning to master the same streamline techniques that they learn in swim class.

Our newest Turbo Coloring Contest is currently available through April 19th. Children can pick up a coloring sheet at the front desk and turn in the completed sheet with their name, age, and phone number written on the back. Five winners based on age categories will be announced on April 26th. Winners will receive a FREE Waterworks T-Shirt and a choice of one FREE Dippin’ Dots or Snow Cone!

We are very proud of all the creative and colorful entries we have received so far and look forward to seeing more before the competition ends. We are displaying all entries on our walls at our front desk. Our swimmers love seeing their own entries on the wall and enjoy checking out what other kids have drawn. Be sure to take a look when you come in for your next lesson as we are sure you will be equally as impressed as we are with the diverse creativity!