Adventures of Turbo!

January 27, 2014

Adventures of Turbo
By: Beau B. 

On a clear ocean day

Turbo swam with Sammy the sting ray.

To the reef they would go

Not knowing what they would find below.

As they rode the currents their eyes were caught

with something shiny that captured their thought.

What is that? Turbo said in wonder

I must go and see what lies down yonder! 

Uncovering what was beneath the sand

Turbo couldn’t believe what was in his hands

A secret treasure chest filled with pearls

having different colors and swirls! 

What shall we do with our discovery?

We will bring it for all the others to see! 

Sharing such beauty they found to be 

hidden once but now for all to see. 



Check Out Our Very Own Tumblr!

January 24, 2014

Check Out Our Very Own Tumblr!

What a fun way to share whats going on at Waterworks and share some fun facts and stories with all our loyal followers! Make sure you check it out and follow us!

Swimming Tips/Advice from Pasadena’s Senior Instructor Matt!

January 24, 2014

Swimming Tips/Advice from Pasadena's Senior Instructor Matt!

Swimming Tips/Advice from one of Pasadena’s Senior Swim Instructors Matt!! Lets see what Matt has to say, shall we?

“The most common thing that I see kids doing in the water is lifting their head up. It is very important to keep your eyes down and look at the bottom of the pool regardless of the stroke. Improper head position causes the swimmer to float several inches below the surface of the water making it difficult to get arms out of the water or breathe.”

Thanks Matt for the advice!

Whats Going on in Waterworks Aquatics?

January 22, 2014


By: Beau B.

Waterworks has really grown and matured over the past few years and Waterworks Aquatics owner Jon Alpert has done a great job building a strong foundation in Irvine which has spread to now 7 total locations across California. It all started in Irvine California in 2004 and 6 years later Waterworks made its first expansion move to Beverly Hills. From 2011 to 2013 Waterworks has expanded to Carlsbad, Sierra Madre, Huntington Beach, and Pasadena bringing in thousands of new clients and still growing. The newest addition to the Waterworks family is *drumroll*….. SAN JOSE! Yes, Waterworks has broken past the SoCal boundary and has gone up to San Jose! It is currently in construction and it contains two pools: a teaching pool with an expanded play area, and a lap pool, both indoor and heated just the way you like it! It is due to open mid-April and the new staff is preparing for all the new clients that will be eager to check out this beautiful new building. Here are some pictures of the progress and the staff awaiting the completion!ImageImageImageImage

Turbo Swimmer of the Week- Waterworks Aquatics Huntington Beach

January 17, 2014

Turbo Swimmer of the Week- Waterworks Aquatics Huntington Beach

This week’s Turbo Swimmer of the Week for Waterworks Aquatics Huntington Beach is Samantha!! She is shown here with her instructor, Alan. She’s been swimming since she was a baby and now she’s 3 years old and her favorite stroke to swim is the freestyle.