Waterworks Aquatics Offers Summer Swim Camps

Waterworks Aquatics Irvine
June 13, 2014
Summer Swim Camps

Summer Swim Camps

By Chelsea Andretta


Ditch the couch and come join us for one of our half-day week-long summer swim camps!

Your children will have a great time perfecting their strokes while having some fun in the sun.

Each swim session is recommended for children ages 5-14 years old that are able to swim 2 lengths across a 25-yard pool unassisted.

Does your child have difficulty swimming across those 2 lengths?

Feel free to enroll in a couple semi-private or private lessons to get them up to speed!

You definitely won’t want to miss out!

Children enrolled will cover:

§Stroke technique on the 4 main strokes

§ Technique & speed

§ Breathing & drills

§ Dives & flip turns

§ Strength & Conditioning

While they become the best swimmers they can be, there will also be some fun swim games that involve

Rafts and pool toys to be run during the last 30-45 minutes of each daily session.

Sound like a good time? You bet! What’s better than making quick friends, getting to splash around, AND becoming an awesome swimmer?

If you’re interested in signing up, want to find the dates, or would like a quick overview of pricing,

Feel free to give us a phone call at (949) 450-0777!




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