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A premier swim school and aquatic center based in Irvine and Beverly Hills California. A new location in Carlsbad California is due to open up late April of 2011! Waterworks Aquatics’ mission is to provide quality swim lessons and aquatics programs to the South Orange County, North San Diego, and West Los Angeles communities.

What separates us from other programs is the highest quality of instruction we offer to meet the needs of every swimmer. We emphasize “muscle memory” and technique refinement using a structured yet sensitive approach. Grouped by age and ability, students benefit from small classes and personalized attention. Our swim school programs include:

Private Lessons 
Our private lessons are available for students of all ages. With one instructor and one student, learning is accelerated and personalized attention is at an optimal level. Depending on the student’s skill level, he or she will progress from the basics of feeling comfortable enough to put his/her face in the water all the way to stroke technique. Private lessons help minimize distractions for younger children and create a focused learning environment for older children who need one-on-one attention.


Semi-Private Lessons 
Semi-private lessons offer students the opportunity to interact with another student of a similar age and ability while still receiving personal attention. We will pair your child with another student of a similar age and ability or you may schedule your child’s lessons with a friend. Our semi-private lessons differ from most you might find in other programs in that our instructors are trained to eliminate “dead time” where one child waits on the wall while the other child is interacting with the instructor. Both children are encouraged to observe one another and remain active throughout the lesson.


Parent & Me Lessons 
In our Parent & Me lessons, the instructor will facilitate the learning process between you and your child. In a fun, relaxed environment, skills are taught through repetition of songs and games. The class emphasizes positive reinforcement and progress at a comfortable pace in our classes.

Waterworks Aquatics offers three different classes in our Parent & Me program:

Beginner –  Our Beginner class is an introductory class for new students. Instructors will explain skill sets and routines as well as assist parents with submersion, back floating, and movement in the water (ages 3 months to 3 years).

Intermediate – Immersion, breath control, and rolling to the back are three skills that are emphasized in the Intermediate class. Parents are encouraged to allow their children to become more independent in the water (ages 3 months to 3 years).

Advanced – Our Advanced class is designed to transition students from the Parent & Me classes to Private or Semi-Private classes. Instructors will work with each student during the class and help them develop the skills necessary to swim independently (ages 3 months to 3 years).

Stroke Clinics  

Our stroke clinic classes are 40-minutes in length and have a 12:1 student:intructor ratio . Students will practice their strokes through drills and are taught by our stroke technique instructor. We offer two different levels of stroke clinic classes. Our intermediate class is for children who are 5 years of age or older and a level 6 or higher. The advanced class is for children ages 9 and older and a level 6 or higher. An office staff member will be more than happy to go over the level requirements with you.

The stroke clinics at Waterworks Aquatics are designed for students who already have a strong foundation with the fundamentals of swimming and the desire to learn more advanced techniques not offered anywhere else.

Many children who have potential to become great swimmers are simply placed onto swim teams. However, many times these teams are conducted with little or no guidance and children do not learn the proper techniques. As a result, improper techniques develop into bad habits which can hinder their progress.

Stroke Clinic puts emphasis on proper technique over speed. It is this foundation that will ensure students progress much faster when the time comes for them to work on speed. Make no mistake though, the class is exciting and fast paced, and students will receive a great workout.

Stroke Clinic Offers:
• Physical conditioning – to build strength and stamina
• Stroke refinement – to prevent bad habits
• Advanced skills – Skills that are beyond basic swimming such as starts and turns
• Intensive coaching – Students are given 1-on-1 critiquing and guidance

Give your child a head start in competitive swimming and advanced techniques today by enrolling in Stroke Clinic!

Adult Lessons
It is never too late to learn how to swim! From beginners to triathletes, our adult lessons are ideal for anyone who desires to improve or conquer their fear of water. Our trained instructors will guide you through basic skills and lessons are tailored to meet your individual needs. Adult lessons are private and can be scheduled according to instructor availability.

In addition to swim lessons, Waterworks Aquatics offers a variety of programs for children and adults. Whether you are looking for a swim camp or water aerobics class, you will discover that Waterworks Aquatics offers the highest quality aquatics programs in the South Orange County area. Our dedication to aquatic fitness extends beyond our swim school to other programs that benefit people of all ages and abilities.


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