Photo Friday!

March 14, 2014

Photo Friday!

Check out our tumblr to see this weeks fun photos! Looks like Turbo visited Pasadena!


Swim Tip Thursday

March 13, 2014

March 13th, 2014

Interview with Carlsbad Instructor

Instructor: LYNDIE


How long have you been at Waterworks?

-7 Months

What are your hobbies?

-Running, Hiking, going to the movies, and theme parks; favorite is Knotts Berry Farm 

Favorite type of movie?

-Romantic Comedies

Places you’ve traveled?

-Hawaii & Mexico

Dream Destination?

-Paris, France!

Favorite character/ hero?


Favorite Quote?  

-“COME WHAT MAY”- Shakespeare 

Favorite swim stroke?  Why? 

-Breast-stroke, I’m awesome at it!

What do you love about being and instructor?

-Seeing kids progress and changing from being afraid to loving the water!

Tips on overcoming a tough skill in swim lessons?

-Practice in the bath-tub, take 4O minute lessons, or attend as many times a week as possible.

Funniest swim lesson story?

Little boy always stops swimming to talk to me and will tread water, after he’s done talking he will immediately return to the lesson without being told!

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New Website, Fun Videos-Real Action Footage of Programs, Parties, and more!

April 22, 2010


Have you checked out our website lately? Our recently renovated site now includes video footage, sound bites and voice narration!  Included are a virtual tour of our facility, segments of birthday parties at Waterworks, and a video depicting the learning process through our variety of programs. These videos provide fun action packed footage which will give you a better understanding of our facility and programs. Our new mascot Turbo also makes his appearance for added enjoyment! To view our Birthday Party video click on “Private Parties” on the menu bar.  All other videos are on located on our home page! We wanted to send a special thank you to all the children and parents who agreed to be filmed for these videos. Your participation was greatly appreciated.