Waterworks Aquatics Offers Summer Swim Camps

June 13, 2014

Waterworks Aquatics Irvine
June 13, 2014
Summer Swim Camps

Summer Swim Camps

By Chelsea Andretta


Ditch the couch and come join us for one of our half-day week-long summer swim camps!

Your children will have a great time perfecting their strokes while having some fun in the sun.

Each swim session is recommended for children ages 5-14 years old that are able to swim 2 lengths across a 25-yard pool unassisted.

Does your child have difficulty swimming across those 2 lengths?

Feel free to enroll in a couple semi-private or private lessons to get them up to speed!

You definitely won’t want to miss out!

Children enrolled will cover:

§Stroke technique on the 4 main strokes

§ Technique & speed

§ Breathing & drills

§ Dives & flip turns

§ Strength & Conditioning

While they become the best swimmers they can be, there will also be some fun swim games that involve

Rafts and pool toys to be run during the last 30-45 minutes of each daily session.

Sound like a good time? You bet! What’s better than making quick friends, getting to splash around, AND becoming an awesome swimmer?

If you’re interested in signing up, want to find the dates, or would like a quick overview of pricing,

Feel free to give us a phone call at (949) 450-0777!




Irvine: Aqua Zumba Classes!

April 14, 2014

Waterworks Irvine:

Aqua Zumba!

April 12th, 2014


Looking for a fun new way to get your exercise in?

Look no further because the Irvine location is not offering a Water Zumba class!

How does this work? How is it more efficient than regular Zumba classes outside of the water?

With any sort of exercise outside of the water, the only resistance is that of gravity. Don’t get us wrong, gravity is a phenomenal teacher, but any movement is instantly magnified in the water due to the gravity working against one’s body with the added fight against the water.

Water Zumba incorporates the water resistance against cardio elements, lateral movements, and jumps with Latin music, making it a fun, enjoyable workout session.

Not only is it a great form of exercise, but there is also low-impact on the knees and joints, it increases endorphin productions, and it builds up aerobic endurance by using the entire body.

Every Saturday from 8:45-9:45, join us in the water!




Waterworks Aquatics Irvine: Advice from Turbo!

April 7, 2014

Waterworks Aquatics: Advice from Turbo!
by: Chelsea A.
Due to a lot of children getting sick lately, Turbo wanted to tell everyone about the time that he was really sick too!
“Okay, let’s see. I think I was around five years old, I know I was working on my backstroke when I got sick, so yeah! I was five. Anyway, I woke up one morning and I was feeling really, REALLY sick. I was coughing up clams, sneezing about fifty million times, and I felt like I couldn’t lift my tail! You know you’re sick when you can’t even lift your tail! My momma came into my room to get ready for school, but as soon as she saw me she said, ”Oh barnacles! Turbo, you’re going to have to stay home today. Let me give a call to your school and Waterworks Aquatics to let them know you won’t be coming in today.” I was so bummed! I love going to my swim lessons, but I knew that I wouldn’t even be able to swim across the pool. My momma took really great care of me that day. I got to rest in bed all day, watch Finding Nemo, and my mom even made me a bowl of my favorite soup: fish chowder! Even though I didn’t get to swim that day, I was able to get nice and strong for my next lesson and I felt a LOT better.
If I could give any advice to some of our sick swimmers, I would just tell them to get plenty of rest (maybe watch your favorite movie like I did), drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, and eat a bowl of your favorite soup! I don’t know why, but soup always makes me feel better. It’s really important to be good to your body, so you can feel good again as soon as possible. If not, you might get a lot sicker and that’s no good! Waterworks always taught me that they want their swimmers to feel 110%.”
Wow, that was some great advice Turbo! We completely agree.



Waterworks Irvine: Coloring Contest

March 24, 2014

Waterworks Aquatics Irvine: Coloring Contest!


Interested in an extra fun activity or craft for your child? Stop by our front desk and ask for a Turbo coloring sheet and your child can bring this drawing of Turbo to life with their unique creativity! Show us what you got, we will be choosing top winners for the contest and it could happen to be yours! Once you turn in your masterpiece we will then display it in the lobby or office for everyone to see. Your hard work will be appreciated by all! Get your crayons and markers ready and show us the best Turbo!


Free Family Events in Irvine

March 24, 2014

Are you and your family looking for inexpensive events to attend in Irvine?
Look no farther! Here are a couple of completely FREE events to attend for the rest of March and the month of April!

World of Wolves
Sunday, Mar 30 2:00p to 3:00p
Irvine Library – University Park Irvine, CA
If you or your child is interested in not only our ocean friends, but also our woodland friends, be sure not to miss this event! Next Sunday at the Irvine Library in University Park a local wolf specialist, Skie Bender, will be leading an interactive and educational talk about wolves. Everyone is welcome to join to learn about the lives, habitats, and some of the dangers that wolves face every day. There will be animal skulls, antlers, and even tracks that everyone can see and touch! This event doesn’t require any fees or registration and it is brought to you by the Friends of the Library.

FREE Classes for All! Don’t Miss out on our Last Open House of the Year!
Sunday, Apr 6 3:30p
LangoKids Irvine Irvine, CA
“¡Buenos días, mis pequeños amigos nadador! ¿Entiendes lo que digo? ¿No? Bon jour mes petits amis de nageur! ”-Turbo.
Did you understand what Turbo said? Would you like to? Lango Kids in Irvine is hosting an ipen house session for classes in both spanish and french! The classes are designed to be highly dynamic and engaging for your little swimmers from ages 1 to 10. From March 31st to April 5th, there will be free demo classes so everyone can see just how easy it is to learn a new language! The times of the classes vary according to levels and ages. Turbo highly recommends it! Space is limited, so call in soon!


Japanese Tea Ceremony
Sunday, Apr 6 2:00p to 3:00p
Irvine Library – University Park Irvine, CA

Join Turbo and his friends for a fun time joining a traditional tea ceremony. The Japanese Tea Ceremony is a completely choreographed ritual of preparing and serving green tea and the traditional sweets. This event will be specially brought to you by experts from the Omotesenke tradition and it gives everyone a great respectful taste of a new culture, literally! Children and parents of every age are welcome to join for an afternoon of tea and sweets. This event is brought to you by the Friends of the Library.


Extreme Gardening: “How to Grow a 500 Pound Giant Pumpkin Workshop”
Saturday, Apr 26 1:00p
Tanaka Farms Irvine, CA
“Imagine what type of jack-o-lanturn you can make from a 500 pound pumpkin! I could probably carve a humpback whale!”-Turbo

If you and your family are like Turbo and want to know how to grow a gigantic 500 pound pumpkin for the next Halloween, joing other gardeners on Saturday, April 26th for an hour adventure with Stuart Shim, GPK (Giant Pumpkin Kahuna), master gardener, and former UCI instructor as he explains how anyone can grow their own pumpkin! Everyone that attends will be given giant pumpkin seeds, complete written instructions, and a grower’s journal at the end of the workshop. Come prepared to have fun and learn how to make a pumpkin big enough to feed the entire family for Fall!


Swim Tip Thursday!

March 7, 2014

Swim Tip Thursday!

-March 6th, 2014-

Olympic Coach Gregg Troy

Who is he?
Head coach U.S.A. men’s swimming. Assisted U.S.A. women’s swimming, 1996, and U.S.A. men’s swimming, 2008. Troy has coached 68 Olympians, most notably Ryan Lochte, who has won six medals.

What does he have to say?
“I don’t plan on being disappointed. We plan on being really good, and obviously we plan on winning.”

Read more: http://www.rd.com/slideshows/13-motivational-sports-quotes-from-olympic-coaches/#ixzz2vEI42xXh

Whats Going on in Waterworks Aquatics?

January 22, 2014


By: Beau B.

Waterworks has really grown and matured over the past few years and Waterworks Aquatics owner Jon Alpert has done a great job building a strong foundation in Irvine which has spread to now 7 total locations across California. It all started in Irvine California in 2004 and 6 years later Waterworks made its first expansion move to Beverly Hills. From 2011 to 2013 Waterworks has expanded to Carlsbad, Sierra Madre, Huntington Beach, and Pasadena bringing in thousands of new clients and still growing. The newest addition to the Waterworks family is *drumroll*….. SAN JOSE! Yes, Waterworks has broken past the SoCal boundary and has gone up to San Jose! It is currently in construction and it contains two pools: a teaching pool with an expanded play area, and a lap pool, both indoor and heated just the way you like it! It is due to open mid-April and the new staff is preparing for all the new clients that will be eager to check out this beautiful new building. Here are some pictures of the progress and the staff awaiting the completion!ImageImageImageImage