Waterworks Aquatics Irvine: Instructor Anthony

May 27, 2014

Waterworks Aquatics Irvine
May 27, 2014
Instructor Anthony Interview


C: Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, Anthony.

A: You’re welcome!

C: When did you originally start swimming?

A: I started swimming when I was pretty young. I think I might have been five-years-old when I first started taking swimming lessons.

C: Were you learning the strokes or were you doggie-paddling.

A: I was probably doggie-paddling more than anything to be honest.

C: Oh don’t worry, so was I. Did you ever swim competitively?

A: Because of a knee injury, I was never swam competitively, but I have never had an issue swimming.

C: Wow! Sorry to hear about your knee. Did you have a favorite stroke?

A: I liked freestyle, but not butterfly. That stroke is really difficult and requires a lot of energy.

C: I can only imagine. Do you teach our younger swimmers or older swimmers?

A: I actually teach both, from about 2 years of age to 13.

C: Do you have any advice for some of our younger swimmers that are scared to get into the water?

A: Yeah, definitely! I would tell them just to think of the pool as a HUGE bathtub because it really IS a huge bathtub. I’d ask them if they take baths, then to just imagine that they are taking a bath in the pool. I know it sounds silly, but it’s true.

C: That’s not silly, that’s genius. Do you have any hobbies outside of the water?

A: Well, I love to surf and that’s in the water, but outside of the water I like to play baseball and go snowboarding.

C: Nice, you like to stay active. What about videogames? Do you like videogames?

A: I do, but I don’t get a chance to play them that often. I like Call-of Duty.

C: What about your favorite food?

A: Carne Asada!

C: Yum! Your favorite Disney movie?

A: I love Tangled. Sometimes I watch my nieces and that is their favorite movie to watch with me.

C: That’s great! You must be great with children. Well, thank you so much for your time.

A: No problem!



Waterworks Aquatics 10 Year Anniversary Extravaganza

May 20, 2014

Waterworks Aquatics Irvine
May 20, 2014
10 Year Anniversary Extravaganza!



Waterworks Aquatics, a premier Swim School and Aquatic Center is excited to announce its 10 Year Anniversary Extravaganza and share their milestone success with the entire community! This not just special, but MAGICAL event is scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 1st from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at Waterworks Aquatics in Irvine.

The celebratory doors at Waterworks Aquatics will be opening to the general public and will be shutting down all operations to host and accommodate this EPIC large scale event! The celebration will include bounce houses, dunk tanks, a petting zoo, face painting, balloon art, Disney entertainers, carnival games, a car show and many more exciting activities and attractions for all families to enjoy! Waterworks Aquatics is expecting to see over 1500 people, both young and old to come enjoy the festivities. Just when you think the list ends of exciting activities they have more! There will also be a fire engine on the premises for the children to tour!

California is one of the 10 states in which drowning is the leading cause of death for children under the age of 15. Waterworks Aquatics has made it their mission the past 10 years to spread awareness about water safety and educate thousands of families in the community to be safer in the water. They feel this would be a great opportunity to combine their 10 Year Anniversary with a Water Safety Day.  May is the nationally recognized month of water safety. Orange County Fire Authority will also be in attendance and Waterworks Aquatics is also looking to partner with both D.A.R.E and the Irvine Police Department to have a D.A.R.E vehicle and K-9 Unit present during the event!

Although this event will be free in admission, Waterworks Aquatics plans to take optional donations for the games and entertainment offered. All proceeds will go to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA). We asked owner, Jon Alpert, what hosting a large scale event like this means to him. He responded with, “raising water safety awareness is our ultimate goal and with it being our 10 year anniversary as well, we thought this would be the best way to inform our community about the importance of water safety.”

As summer is approaching quickly, this event will be the ultimate way to kick-off the season. Everyone in attendance will be able to enjoy free swim and pool games. Waterworks Aquatics will also be raffling off a free 10 lesson swim package to compliment the 10 Year Anniversary celebration.

For more information on this event please visit www.waterworksswim.com/Irvine or call 949.450.0777.

Turbo the Tiger-Shark looks forward to celebrating with you all!



May 9th: Irvine Swim School Photos!

May 9, 2014

Take a look at our very own Tumblr page to see the photos we have uploaded for the week!

Waterworks Aquatics Tumblr


May 6th: Irvine Parent Interview

May 6, 2014

Waterworks Aquatics Irvine
May 6, 2014
Parent Interview


WaterworksAquatics_TestimonialTuesday_5-6-14_photo1 WaterworksAquatics_TestimonialTuesday_5-6-14_photo2

I had the pleasure of speaking with Julie and her two sons today as they got ready for their lessons with Lindsay and here’s what they had to say about their experience with Waterworks so far.


Alexi:  So Julie, how long have you been taking lessons with us?

Julie: Well Nathan’s 5 and we started when he was 8 months so…

A: Wow that is a long time – almost five years!

J: Yeah we love it

A: Oh great and you’ve been with instructor Lindsay the whole time?

J: Nathan has been with him for about 2 years and Eliot [3 years old] just switched to him now, so that’s good.

A: Oh great! Well Nathan, do you like your lessons here?

Nathan: Uh huh.

A: What is your favorite thing about swimming with Lindsay?

N: Swimming with him under the water. The submarine with the water!

A: Oh yeah that does sound fun! Well I’m going to ask your mom some questions now, ok?

N: Ok.

A: Thanks. So Julie, what is the best thing about Waterworks from your perspective?

J: I’d have to say having them [her two kids] taking lessons at the same time or around the same time, so they can play together in the pool. Eliot takes his at 2:20 and Nathan @ 3:20 so they can play together in between in the play area.

A: Oh yes, that’s great! It’s probably really fun for them to bond like that.

J: Yeah it is

A: Well, just a couple more questions. In your time here, how would you rate your experience with our office staff from 1-10 (10 being the best)?

J: I’d say about 8. I don’t schedule with them that often because I go online a lot and do it from home.

A: Ah I see. Ok. And how would you rate your experience at Waterworks overall?

J: 8 or 9. We really like it.

A: Thank you so much! It was great talking with you all and I hope you have a great lesson today!

J: Thanks!


May 1st: Irvine Instructor Interview!

May 1, 2014

Waterworks Aquatics Irvine
May 1, 2014
Instructor Interview
by: Chelsea A.
Instructor Kilynne


C: Thanks for meeting with me Kilynne!
K: No problem.
C: How long have you been swimming?
K: Ever since I was little. I took a couple of classes at the YMCA, but I mostly I taught myself.
C: That’s impressive. Were you learning strokes or maybe the doggie-paddle?
K: The doggie-paddle!
C: Me too! Have you swam competitively?
K: No, but I sure did dance a lot when I was a child. I was on a singing-dance team.
C: That’s really cool! Now that you are swimming, do you have a favorite stroke to either swim or teach?
K: Breast stroke! It’s very hard to teach and also hard to swim, but I think it is the most fun!
C: What about for your younger swimmers? Do you have any advice for students who are scared to get in the water?
K: Yeah! I would tell them to spend as much time in the water as they can. Even if they are on the steps or the play area, that is completely okay. Just spend a lot of time in the water and get comfortable.
C: Great advice, it’s hard to be scared when you are playing around. Okay, so some of our younger swimmers would love to get to know you more outside of the water. What is your favorite color?
K: I have three: Pink, Coral, and Turquoise!
C: Oh wow!
K: Yeah, I love really girly things like baking, shopping, really anything crafty.
C: I’ve tried your cupcakes, they’re delicious! What’s your favorite food?
K: Mashed potatoes and gravy!
C: What about your favorite Disney movie?
K: Oo that’s a tough one! I really like Frozen, but I love Tangled too. Oh! Cinderella too, she’s my favorite Disney princess.
C: Do you want to build a snowman? I love Frozen too. Okay, thank you for your time!
K: No problem!


Waterworks Aquatics presents “The Giving Tree”

April 21, 2014

Giving Tree Fundraiser at Waterworks Irvine!
April 20th, 2014

Did you know that May is Water Safety Month? In celebration, Waterworks is hosting a fundraiser to give families in need the gift of water safety! We will be selling “apples” worth $1, $5, and $10 to put on our “giving tree” at the front office! There are also special $50 “apples” as well. You can put your name on the apple you purchase to see yours on the branches! As we receive donations, our tree will bloom with all your apples to show us getting closer to our goal. Our goal for this great cause is $1500 and the fundraiser doesn’t stop ‘til we reach it! 
We are currently taking donations, so stop by the front desk the next time you’re nearby and help some families in need! Let’s reach that goal!
Thank you, everybody!


Waterworks Aquatics Irvine: Fun Photo Friday!

April 11, 2014

Waterworks Irvine:


This Week’s

Photo Friday!


Waterworks_Aquatics_Irvine_Friday1 Waterworks_Aquatics_Irvine_Friday2 Waterworks_Aquatics_Irvine_Friday3 Waterworks_Aquatics_Irvine_Friday4 Waterworks_Aquatics_Irvine_Friday5 Waterworks_Aquatics_Irvine_Friday6 Waterworks_Aquatics_Irvine_Friday7

Looks like our staff is making final preparations for our Easter egg hunt April 18th and 19th! If you

haven’t registered already make sure you do so before it’s too late, we do plan to reach capacity and

want to try to get everyone in to enjoy the fun! To register please call our front desk or see us while

you’re here and we can get your family signed up.


Let the games begin!